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Sci -Fi Elf
first picture in a series I'm working on now. 
I wanted to start a new Grand Project, so I decided on making a bunch of Sci-Fi Magic tokens! 
I'll post links and stuff when I'm all done

trying out a sci fi theme because I never draw sci-fi stuff, so it will be interesting.

Also while I was drawing this one I was kind of making a mental narrative so here is a weird... creative writing thing? whatever. 

"I've always wanted to work with law enforcement" Milani looked resolutely at the reporter across from her. 
"Really? I would've thought someone who grew up where you did would hold disdain for the Regulators!" 
Milani shook her head "No, the elves that started the riots, the ones that smashed windows and dragged people out of their homes, they're the ones causing the problems here, they're the ones to blame for the chaos and discord, the Regularos might've been cruel, sure, but not any more than they deserved,"
"But do you not think the elvenkind were justified in their anger? Even some of us humans think that their treatment might be a little harsh,"
Milani paused for a moment and then slowly nodded, "Perhaps, but is burning and pillaging really going to make the Government loosen their stranglehold on us? Is it going to make them think that we deserve to be free of the Brand? No, of course it's not, it only makes it worse, I mean look, in the last ten years rules have gotten even harsher, our territory has been cut in half and our monthly allowance has dwindled. And it's all because of the reckless 'resistance'," 
"Is that why you decided to be a Regularo?" 
"A little, yeah. I want to show the state that we're not just savages, that we can follow the rules just like everyone else. I want to work within the system to change it. Maybe then, maybe then, one day my kids won't have to bear the shame of this Brand..."
"Your kids...?"
"Purely figuratively speaking of course, I underwent the same surgery all Regulators do when they're initiated." 
"Haha, of course. So I noticed you're a double-red right now, do you think you're going to advance to blue any time soon?"
"Perhaps, but not in the near future, they're still not certain that the neural compliance surgery will actually work on an elf, but we'll see."
"Alright, well thank you very much Milani, this has been a great interview. For the rest of you, stay tuned, up next we're going to share a fascinating story about a man who's lived his entire life without knowing his daughter was actually a parasitic cyborg!" 

more weird stuff here
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Walk the Path of Explosions with Me!
finally got around to watching kono suba, obviously Megumin is my favorite character, 
one-shot explosion wizard! I couldn't ask for more! 
I'm... not great at painting cute little anime girls, it is going to be something I have to work on... 
Q.Q I don't want to be relegated to a life of painting monsters and men!! 

I will be bringing her with the rest of my prints to the retro gaming expo on May 27th! (good thing I did anime fanart just in time for the one convention that literally doesn't care about anime fanart >.<)

more weird stuff here
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Goblins being goblins
there were a couple reasons I did this one, 
first and foremost, when I went to conventions to sell tokens, a lot of people were asking for goblin tokens, 
and while I still had the Goblinslide token kicking around I uhmm.. kinda didn't want to carry that one anymore, it's getting kind of old. 
So I decided to draw some goblins, but wasn't sure what to do with them, as someone who loves wizards and is still on a Doctor Strange binge, I decided to have them wrecking Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum! 
with this one I wanted to try a weird color scheme, so we've got this pink/green/yellow thing going on which is pretty unusual for me, then we've got this tilt that I don't normally do, a detailed background which is not really my thing and a bunch of stuff everywhere (someone told me there weren't enough bits in my artwork. IS THIS ENOUGH BITS?! THERE ARE SO MANY BITS)
overall this piece was pretty difficult for me and took a while to finish, & I'm still not thrilled with it. But we'll keep it around for a bit. 

more weird stuff here
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Poster of 151 Pokemon (with Missingno!)

just realized I never actually posted anything about this project on my social media! O.O 

so here goes, this was a... kind of re-do and mash up of an old project, 

so to start I made this thing called pokemon swap which was a reskin of a game called pit. I thought it was a cool idea, my friends thought it was a cool idea, unfortunately nobody else really thought it was that great. 

however I was noticing that people really liked the art of the project and were asking a lot if they could just buy individual cards. 

that’s the first half of the story, the second half is, about 2 to 3 years ago now I did a project where I drew all 151 pokemon with the intention of making pokemon pins. It took some time but eventually I got a pin machine and started selling pins, unfortunately by the time I finally organized myself with a pin machine and everything the drawings were getting pretty dated and old looking.

so.... fast forward to January, a month before Tsukinocon, I had just finished my Tarot Card update and needed a new project, I was still working on a large client project, so I knew I couldn’t take anything too big on, so instead I decided to re-do the pokemon project! I could re-use a bunch of the card game images, so a large portion was already done for me!

it took about 1.5 months on and off of work, but I managed to get the whole thing done in time for tsukinocon!

you can find the pins in my etsy store!

the poster isn’t up there yet but sells for $50 CAD+shipping & you can contact me if you are interested 

more weird stuff here
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Moon Hunters -Sargon (Sun Cultist)
Bet you can't guess who this one is :3
Yes, I made more fanart of obscure nonsense!

The past few days in particular I've been playing Moon Hunters, I was going to gush about it in this post, but it got really wordy, so I'll just say it's a fantastic game and you should check it out.

Now, about the fanart, the plot of the game is some moon goddess adventurers are fighting the sun cult because, I dunno, they're evil or something, who cares.
Most importantly one of the unlockable characters is a sun cultist. (He's the one in the picture!) which is cool. it's always cool to be able to play as the bad guys and see if you get different dialogue etc. The best part of Sargon, though, is how he plays mechanically.

His special is a giant AOE comet that leaves fiery residue on the ground which you and your party are not immune to. His dash leaves a trail of fire on the ground and your basic attack can be upgraded to also leave a flaming mess after use.

In short, this character is a hazard to himself and others.
I remember the first time I played him I described him as a "bad magic card" in that he was so terrible I was determined to see if I could make him good.

turns out if you upgrade the comet enough and party up with non-melee characters he's pretty okay as long as you make sure to target your meteor properly.

This piece of fanart is more an homage to the sweet game that is Moon Hunters rather than the character himself because the PCs aren't actually characterized that much. (which is kind of refreshing in a way)


more weird stuff here
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TOBIAS has leveled up! TOBIAS is now a level 2 Magic: the Gathering Judge. 

Grand Prix (Spell-like ability) - At this level a Magic Judge gains the ability to cooperatively cast the ninth level 'Grand Prix' spell. A Level 3 Judge must be present and leading the spell. Depending on the desired magnitude and size of the desired spell, anywhere from 50-300 judges are required. 
Certify (Supernatural Ability) - A Level 2 Magic judge is granted the ability to spawn a level 1 Judge Minion as a standard action, once per month. The Judge Minion must obey direct commands from the caster but gets a will save against unlawful or evil commands.
Suggestion (Spell-Like Ability) - A Level 2 Magic Judge also gains the ability to cast "suggestion" as a free action on any creature with the 'Magic: the Gathering player' subtype. Judges of an equal or higher level get a +5 innate bonus to resist this effect, while lower level judges get a -5 modifier to resist. Players are also susceptible to suggestion, however those with the 'tilt' status get a +2 circumstance bonus to resist, and have a 50% chance to rage even if it is not a class ability for them. Repeated use of the suggestion ability can cause the caster to become fatigued and will give them a permanent deduction to their charisma. 
Backup (Spell-Like Ability) - A Level 2 Magic judge has the ability to perform minor temporal manipulation. In certain non-paradoxical scenarios they are able to turn back time and return the world of Magic to an earlier state. 


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Tobias Durose
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello! I am Tobi! I like games, art & magic.

I am a Graphic Designer & a Level 2 Magic: the Gathering judge, so if you want me to answer a question just drop me a line ;)

I sell decks of custom made cards out on ebay
I've also created a custom playmat that is available on inked gaming

check out my website
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