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Yondu - Guardians of the Galaxy

Quick painting of Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy. 
Watched the movie yesterday evening and felt compelled to do a correlated painting. 
Now, while I enjoyed Yondu’s character arc this movie (perhaps largely because blue-skinned characters appeal to the me demographic) don’t mistake that for me holding a banner for the movie and recommending it to you.

I loved the first Guardians of the Galaxy, it was quirky, took my by surprise, kept me laughing and had an overall tone that was unique and different compared to many of the other superhero movies at the time. 

Unfortunately the second one didn’t evoke quite the same feelings in me. Overall the movie felt a little more blunt and brazen. It didn’t respect my intelligence quite as much, the jokes felt more low brow 

(yes, even more low brow than Quill winding up a bird to flip off the guards) and the plot felt quite out of place. 

Now while the first movie wasn’t particularly nuanced, when put beside it’s progeny it feels much more graceful in it’s comedic delivery. n Volume 2 each joke, while funny felt a little contrived. my companion put it very aptly by saying “it felt a little like a laughter or applause sign. Every time Drax spoke it was like -alright this is going to be funny, we better all laugh.”

I think the main thing that killed the movie was that there simply wasn’t enough “quiet time” in the same sense that rests in music are almost as important as the times when the musician is playing, quiet pensive scenes are important to offset the comedy. To make each joke really hit you need to show us some seriousness to give the levity a tone to contrast. 

but we didn’t have any of that. the movie was filled to the brim with dialogue, almost never did we get a scene where someone wasn’t speaking (or something wasn’t exploding).
Which by consequence means that many of the major themes were banally spelled out for me. rather than letting the audience figure anything out, characters instead just told us. 

Most insidious of which was the scene where Yondu goes into a major diatribe explicating his character and ends the monologue by turning to rocket and declaring “we are the same person” 

Did we really need that? Really honestly, could we not have derived that though our own intellect by simply hearing the monologue and seeing Yondu give rocket a knowing glance and having perhaps our contrite raccoon giving a disheartened scathing comment? 

Did I need peter to say the “unspoken thing” line so many times.

Did we need peter to tell us that Yondu was a father figure during his funeral? Was that not the point of the movie? Could we really not have figured that out? 

And this is just my short list of tragically blunt expositive scenes. 

even if the movie wasn’t explicitly explaining it’s plot and motives to me there was a constant underlying message that assumed the viewers were incapable of basic inference, which permeated every facet of the film.

Even so, while the movie perhaps didn’t impress me as much as the first, or many of the other members of marvel’s cinematic library, I still enjoyed it, it was a fun ride and did have some genuinely funny moments. Just don’t expect to have anything left to the imagination.

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Sci-Fi Monk Token
monk token! 
it has been a busy few days!
I was thinking of Tali, from Mass Effect when I was working on the helmet. I wanted there to be a fabric element since a monk’s loose fitting robe is part of their defining features, but I didn’t want to go full robe because then if would obfuscate the armor, and I knew there definitely had to be armor. the bandolier across his chest is supposed to be reminiscent of the monk’s toga-like clothing as well. 
the symbol in the background is something I’m pretty pleased with, originally I had a lotus design, but then decided that it didn’t look sci-fi enough and decided to construct a lotus design with circuitry. it was a little challenging since making weird deigns aren’t something I have a lot of practice with but I like how it came out. I just don’t know if it still looks like a flower anymore :(
no background on this one. I’m really sick of buildings. 
but fabric! ah yes delicious fabric. I love painting folds. 
Rem [Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu]
I haven't watched a whole lot of anime lately, mostly because nothing has really appealed to me, but this past season I got around to watching both konosuba and Re:Zero, and I have to say I really enjoyed both of them (I'm still watching Re:Zero actually) Rem is by far best girl. 
notes about the painting itself, originally I had two sketches, this one and another one where she was sitting on a bed looking a little more femenine. In the original sketch of this one she was holding her mace and was splattered with blood. I couldn't seem to resolve the right angle of the chain so I eliminated the mace element entirely and went for a much more girlish and serene image. 
the colors in particular were a lot of fun. In a lot of my other stuff I'm trying for a kind of realism so I can't really include a lot of insane colors (though I try to anyways) in this one I kind of just went ham with overlay layers and drenched it in pink and blue. 
her face was a bit of a challenge, it needed to be a bit of a hybrid between anime and realism, which is not entirely my forte. I still think she looks a little "doll-ish" I had a similar problem with megumin. 
I'm just not great at drawing cute girls, I guess.
another challenge was lace. I knew I wanted to incorporate some lace but didn't want to just paste a pattern in. every time I try to do that it always looks really out of place. but at the same time I knew I couldn't get too detailed otherwise it would also look out of place and I would have to up the detail of the entire thing (which I wasn't totally willing to do) after a few trials I settled on the simply lace pattern you see there. it was quick to paint and gives a nice element of texture without being too much!

Overall i'm pretty happy with this one, it's very different than the sci-fi tokens I'm working on right now, and was a nice break,
I might do more anime stuff in the future if good anime keeps coming out
we will see.

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Jace Lounging
"Jace what are you doing?!"
"What? Nothing, I mean working! Why? What did I do wrong this time, Lavinia?"
"it's not anything you did, it's that shirt, you can't wear that!"
"Wait, what? Is there a law against certain types of shirts now?!" 
"No! you're the Guildpact! You can't be showing favoritism like that to any one guild! It could spark a riot!"
"Oh and literally living in the Azorius Senate is totally not showing favoritism."
"That is different, it's well known that we have the cheapest office space on Ravnica,"
"Speaking of which, I still haven't heard anything about that real estate bill I proposed last week, I'm not even sure if the Elecutors in there are really debating it or just filibustering. Which reminds me, I've been meaning to reform the way the Azorius debates policy, it takes far too long to accomplish anything around here,"
"I think we're getting off topic. What we were discussing was your erroneous wardrobe choice. And moreover, where did you even get that shirt? Is there some group of Izzet extremists distributing them promoting guild elitism?" 
"What? No! Ral gave it to me."
"Oh okay. Ask him if he's seen any extremists lately." 
"Ugh, okay fine, I'm sure he will totally tell me if he knows any." 
"Whoa, what are you doing?!" 
"What? Changing! Like you told me to. God you are impossible to please!" 


A "break piece" something to blow off some artistic steam. also I've been drawing a lot of discernibly non-human things (there are a bunch of sci fi things I haven't posted here yet because I know there are some revisions I want to do before I splatter them everywhere)
I haven't drawn a Jace in a while so I thought I'd give it a shot. also working on shading and musculature. perhaps I should try painting some people that aren't paragons of physical prowess? otherwise my people will start to get a little samey. :/ 
Also been getting a little discouraged lately. drawing is hard. I'm not improving as much as I'd like. Other people's stuff is still really spectacular. You know, the typical gamut of artist problems. 
I'll keep trucking on though. if I stopped I'm not sure what I would do with myself. 
also maybe some women. I'm watching Re:Zero right now and Rem is the bomb. probably try some fanart of her soon. 
also here is the less clothed version of this piece (still safe for work because I'm not that kind of artist :O )

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Scifi Cat Soldier

finished cat token, 
it’s very red, not sure how I feel about that. I wanted to go for a “cat woman” feel because they’re cat soldiers. but I guess this feels a little more rogueish. 
for some reason I was thinking of calico cats when I picked the color scheme and thought orange-white-black would be a good idea, really it just seems to make her fight with the background. the buildings came out nice, I have chronic problems with cityscapes so I’m happy this one didn’t take that long and looks passable. 
in the original sketch there was no ship behind her, but I felt like it looked really empty with just the moon, I thought about capes or nets or other things, but decided on an airship, 
I knew there would be some airships in the background anyways, and that one in the foreground would help solidify that they weren’t birds or something. 
overall I’m okay with how it came out. I don’t really like the design that much, but I know there are lots of people out there that like things I do not like so… maybe this one?

anyways on to more tokens! yay!

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TOBIAS has leveled up! TOBIAS is now a level 2 Magic: the Gathering Judge. 

Grand Prix (Spell-like ability) - At this level a Magic Judge gains the ability to cooperatively cast the ninth level 'Grand Prix' spell. A Level 3 Judge must be present and leading the spell. Depending on the desired magnitude and size of the desired spell, anywhere from 50-300 judges are required. 
Certify (Supernatural Ability) - A Level 2 Magic judge is granted the ability to spawn a level 1 Judge Minion as a standard action, once per month. The Judge Minion must obey direct commands from the caster but gets a will save against unlawful or evil commands.
Suggestion (Spell-Like Ability) - A Level 2 Magic Judge also gains the ability to cast "suggestion" as a free action on any creature with the 'Magic: the Gathering player' subtype. Judges of an equal or higher level get a +5 innate bonus to resist this effect, while lower level judges get a -5 modifier to resist. Players are also susceptible to suggestion, however those with the 'tilt' status get a +2 circumstance bonus to resist, and have a 50% chance to rage even if it is not a class ability for them. Repeated use of the suggestion ability can cause the caster to become fatigued and will give them a permanent deduction to their charisma. 
Backup (Spell-Like Ability) - A Level 2 Magic judge has the ability to perform minor temporal manipulation. In certain non-paradoxical scenarios they are able to turn back time and return the world of Magic to an earlier state. 


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Tobias Durose
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello! I am Tobi! I like games, art & magic.

I am a Graphic Designer & a Level 2 Magic: the Gathering judge, so if you want me to answer a question just drop me a line ;)

I sell decks of custom made cards out on ebay
I've also created a custom playmat that is available on inked gaming

check out my website
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